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Modern Mind Connections 2014

We start by forming teams based on geography or commonalities (like target client).  These teams typically meet once a month for an education based meeting(             ).  Each meeting is comprised of four parts (see below).  Sometimes the various parts blend together, depending on how interactive the team is.  The overall goal is to become more skilled professionals at each meeting, based on a monthly topic.  Camaraderie is built between members through shared experience, common goals, and a desire to see each other improve.  Introductions to potential clients then becomes a natural consequence of bringing together great teams of people.  The ”ROI” (return on investment) of this organization comes from the education and professional growth, which is always first and foremost.



The first part of each monthly meeting is open networking.  We spend the first 30 minutes or so arriving to the meeting spot and getting settled in.  This is a great time to reconnect with your team mates.  Catch up on what they’ve been up to, discuss potential introductions (referrals), and get prepared for focusing on this month’s topic.



The second part of the monthly meeting consists of lecture, content, and/or study material.  The monthly topic is available in advance, so that members can come prepared by having given the topic some thought, in terms of their own situation.  Each topic covers some element of professional success.



During the third part of the meeting, members often become very involved and the meeting becomes interactive.  Members discuss how they can use, or are currently using, the topic in their professional life.  Success stratagies are shared, examples are given, role plays are worked through, and confidence in using the topic grows.  The goal is to be comfortable enough when leaving the meeting to practice over the coming month and use the topic to build success.


The S’s

After we’ve covered the topic and had a chance to discuss, we open the floor to discussion about anything any member wants to share.  Typcially, these are one of the S’s – Successes or Struggles.  Members talk about what has been happening in their professional lives, and other members either learn from their success, or help them overcome their struggle.

Modern Mind Connections 2014

Modern Mind Connections 2014

Every company has a story.  Ours really began by accident, but lead to a realization.


When we formed our first team, we thought we were just a group of people who wanted to help each other find more business opportunities.  We quickly realized that we wanted something more.  We wanted to help each other grow as business professionals.  Then we realized that there were a lot of people out there like ourselves.  People who started a business, got into sales, or decided to work for a charity because of a common purpose.  We are all passionate about something.  We all believe in something.  We all share a goal of leaving the world better than we found it, whether that is for our families, causes, community or the world.


The common challenge we all faced was how to continue to grow professionaly when we were often operating independently.  How could we get the ongoing education when we were so heavily involved in our passion?  Where could we go to learn the skills, strategies, and techniques to take ourselves to the next level professionally?  To combat that challenge, Modern was created.

Modern Mind Connections 2014